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Hello There Everyone!

Been awhile since I Last Posted, Just wanted to Mention that I Have a Facebook Page @https://www.facebook.com/KysArtPages/. Would Love it if anyone is Interested Where I Post Most of My Other ArtWorks that I Post.

In the Past Month, I was involved in my First Art Exhibition. Alongside other Artists that are on the Autism Spectrum. Was a Great chance to ShowCase & see the Other Artists Out their with There Different Art Pieces.



I Put in the Whismal Gal, Which you can See in the above Picture. that I did on the back of a Prescription Brown Paper Packet. Mostly Done with Mixed Media, Felts, Sharpies, Pencils.

Was a Rather Exciting Time for Me, Never Done anything Like this Before.

Thanks for Following/Viewing.




Anything is Possible.

Hello Everyone,  Welcome to My New Art Page.

Has Been Awhile Since I Wrote or Displayed Much Things on Blogs. Please bear with me, as I Get things Sorted.

Over the Past Year, I Have been Getting Back into Art.  Although, I  Have Always Been Interested in Doing Art things From a Young Age.  I am Only Now  Taking a More Interest in it.

For the Past Few Years. I Have Taken an Interest in Doing Adult Colouring Pages, From Books,  Which I did with Bright Colour. Which Lead me along the Path to do my Own Works of Orginal Art. It Encouraged me When I was,  in a Online Community of Supported Environment of other Artists Made me Believe that I Could Do Similar Art Like that.  Gave me the Courage that Anything is Possible.

Thanks for Viewing and Following along.

In This Picture is Some of My Pictures, that I Have Cropped Down to Size to  fit into a Collage. Most are Done in A4 Size Using Mixed Media & Paints.