Oil Pastal Drawings-Part 2

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This is Part Two of the Series.

Hope you Enjoy the Wee Slideshow of My Art.

Mostly Mountain Themes, Sunsets in Rustic Style.

Things I Hope for the Future.

A Place where Peace, Hope, Love, Wisdom Can Flow Freely.

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Oil Pastel Drawings-Part One.

Welcome, Everyone.

For the Past Few Months, I have Been Working on a New Medium for My Art.

I Chose to Try Using Oil Pastels, I Used Faber Castell. Which are Quite Bold & Bright.

I Liked, Loved the Colours. Wasnt sure at First, How they Would Turn Out.

I Started Experimenting with Pastels When I was in My Teen Years, so was Surprised Just How Good or Different they could Be.

Here’s a Series of Pictures I Have Done So Far.

All Done on Mostly Black A4 Paper

Part One.

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