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Hello There Everyone!

Been awhile since I Last Posted, Just wanted to Mention that I Have a Facebook Page @https://www.facebook.com/KysArtPages/. Would Love it if anyone is Interested Where I Post Most of My Other ArtWorks that I Post.

In the Past Month, I was involved in my First Art Exhibition. Alongside other Artists that are on the Autism Spectrum. Was a Great chance to ShowCase & see the Other Artists Out their with There Different Art Pieces.



I Put in the Whismal Gal, Which you can See in the above Picture. that I did on the back of a Prescription Brown Paper Packet. Mostly Done with Mixed Media, Felts, Sharpies, Pencils.

Was a Rather Exciting Time for Me, Never Done anything Like this Before.

Thanks for Following/Viewing.




Used to be Under KysCreativeArt


Just a Wee Note, I Used to Follow under the User Name KysCreativeArt  Or Kyscreative. This is the New Blog that I Go Under Now.  Hope to Make this Page More  Better with My New Art Pages.

Thanks for you Interest & Supporting the Work I do.

Will Post some things up soon

Oil Pastal Drawings-Part 2

Greetings, Thanks for Following & Viewing.

Just Continuing on From the Previous Page

This is Part Two of the Series.

Hope you Enjoy the Wee Slideshow of My Art.

Mostly Mountain Themes, Sunsets in Rustic Style.

Things I Hope for the Future.

A Place where Peace, Hope, Love, Wisdom Can Flow Freely.

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Oil Pastel Drawings-Part One.

Welcome, Everyone.

For the Past Few Months, I have Been Working on a New Medium for My Art.

I Chose to Try Using Oil Pastels, I Used Faber Castell. Which are Quite Bold & Bright.

I Liked, Loved the Colours. Wasnt sure at First, How they Would Turn Out.

I Started Experimenting with Pastels When I was in My Teen Years, so was Surprised Just How Good or Different they could Be.

Here’s a Series of Pictures I Have Done So Far.

All Done on Mostly Black A4 Paper

Part One.

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Anything is Possible.

Hello Everyone,  Welcome to My New Art Page.

Has Been Awhile Since I Wrote or Displayed Much Things on Blogs. Please bear with me, as I Get things Sorted.

Over the Past Year, I Have been Getting Back into Art.  Although, I  Have Always Been Interested in Doing Art things From a Young Age.  I am Only Now  Taking a More Interest in it.

For the Past Few Years. I Have Taken an Interest in Doing Adult Colouring Pages, From Books,  Which I did with Bright Colour. Which Lead me along the Path to do my Own Works of Orginal Art. It Encouraged me When I was,  in a Online Community of Supported Environment of other Artists Made me Believe that I Could Do Similar Art Like that.  Gave me the Courage that Anything is Possible.

Thanks for Viewing and Following along.

In This Picture is Some of My Pictures, that I Have Cropped Down to Size to  fit into a Collage. Most are Done in A4 Size Using Mixed Media & Paints.






The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Just Started a New Blog & Upgraded. I Hope to Make this a Permanet Feature. This Blog will be Updated from Time to Time.

Just showcasing my Pictures that I Have Been Doing. Hope to Have some up Shortly

Thanks for your Support & Interest.



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton